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I travel when I’m free, but my favorite one is bicycle packaging. I will tell you the basic knowledge and methods of bicycle packaging, so that you can enjoy an extraordinary experience every day, which is different from long-distance travel and day-trip climbing!

what’s the bikepacking?

Short answer: it’s your bike touring with backpacking. Through the free combination of multi-function bags, the continuous overnight trip is realized in a light and compact.

From ultralight monorail tour to fully loaded dirt road, any focuses on off-road travel, away from cars, especially monorail travel.

With the development of gravel road and the development of new handbags, it began to show signs of fashion in the United States and has been widely recognized around the world since 2015.

The bicycle packaging style has the following advantages:

  • First, it’s easy to install
  • Light weight, but large capacity
  • There are many options for bags
  • Low price for touring
  • Loose schedule, long or short
  • Not necessarily touring bike
  • You don’t need any tools and you can start without any hard work

I myself travel more and more in the form of bicycle packaging, and I benefit from it.

4-packing different from the traditional style

When I started to ride a bike, I didn’t even say to pack a bike.

As you usually imagine, packing a bike adventurer style, its luggage rack is fixed on the bicycle, and is equipped with side bags.

The load capacity and the sense of stability are very strong, and I am absolutely confident of long-term travel.

Unlike the lightweight and compact bags used in bicycle packaging, this bag has a large capacity.

The advantage of the way of attaching the bag to the cargo bed is that the center of gravity is stable and is unlikely to become unstable even when being loaded.

Some cyclists tend to avoid it, but there are many advantages when it is actually introduced, which I personally think is better for me.

It is mainly used for very long trips that last more than a week or camping trips. In other words, the more luggage you have, the more comfortable the 4-bag suitcase is over bicycle packaging.

If you use a large container bag, you can carry enough load without the need for front bagging. You can travel all over the United States with the help of a bag and a frame bag.

I personally recommend that you understand the advantages of this 4-bag style and in some cases add it to your selection.

Of course, for a trip of about one night and two days, or for modern bicycle travel using hotels and hostels, it’s safe to say that 4 bags is too big a specification.

which bike for backpacking

The advantage of the bike packaging style is that it can be used with any bike, but even so, it still depends on the bike type.

This moment, I recommend pick up a Gravel Road Bike. Gravel bike can adapt to all kinds of terrain. The Comfort, stability and efficiency are laudable.

If it is too light or the design of each part is harsh, it will be difficult to operate the bike when loading luggage, and it will be difficult to install luggage in the first place.

To be honest, neither the road bike or the TT (time trial) bike used for racing is not suitable when uphill climbing. As you have baggage that drains your energy.

packing list

This is an overview of the typical equipment I actually used during my camping trip.

The assumption is as follows.

  • Support 1 to 5 nights
  • Basically sleeping in tents, no hotels
  • The daily mileage is about 100-150 km

First off, try to confine yourself to a tote bag. As long as you plan ahead, it’s not difficult.

On most bicycle trips, you rarely do laundry or dry out while traveling. If possible, wear quick-drying clothes – from underwear to coats.

And make full use of limited packaging space. Roll up the clothing to remove air and stuff it into the hollow object.

Here’s my list

  • helmet, kettle, Belt bag and small backpack
  • 3 pairs of cycling shorts, quick dry Jersey, Quick-drying socks
  • a gravel bicycle and 2 shoes, gloves
  • 2~3 T-shirts or casual shirts, Pants or jeans
  • Rain jacket and sandals
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, Deodorant, razor
  • Passport, wallet and ID card
  • Cash and / or credit card
  • Insect repellent, Antiseptic cream or antibiotic ointment, Sunscreen, band Aid

This is a modern style, in a sense, it is suitable for light and compact minimal style, little luggage, can quickly tour for two days and one night.

Before you start bikepacking, your first task is to pick out a bike that handles well. As I said earlier, I recommend you to ride gravel bike.

Bikepacking will bring you different life experiences. Remember to bring your camera and capture the moment. Click here for more interesting tips

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