cyclocross bike guide

The racing bikes that travel on off-road routes such as obstacles, steep slopes and beaches are cyclocross bicycles.

But in practice, they can be widely used for walking and trekking as well as commuting to work and training during the off-season.

What is cyclocross bike

Cyclocross is a bicycle race where you can compete in short distance cross-country races with obstacles within a predetermined time.

Unlike road racing on paved roads, “cyclocross = unpaved rough roads” consists of obstacles called curves, steep slopes and beach sections.

Differences from road bikes and gravel roads

Although it looks like a road bike, there are differences in design concept. Also, let’s explain the differences from the popular gravel road/adventure road.

The cyclocross bike is a form a road bike suitable for rough roads. But if you look at the details, you will find that it is off-road design.

The top tube has a horizontal shape, which is easy to carry, and the distance between the frame and the tire is larger, which can prevent the dirt from blocking. Cantilever and disc brakes are mounted on thick tires.

When it comes to cyclocross that can be driven off-road with a drop handle, these days it’s popular to call them gravel roads and adventure roads. How is it different from cyclocross bike?

Gravel bike is like cyclocross what you found out. It’s best for Long-distance travel, but cyclocross is friendly competition.

Gravel’s relaxed upright position makes long-distance travel, including unpaved roads be possible. Many models are equipped with tires with a width equal to or greater than 35 mm. Cyclocross has only 32mm.

Given all the conditions in a cyclocross race, there is a balance between stability on rough roads and the agility required by the bike.

The gravel design concept is distinct from the cyclocross. Gravel roads are a modern version of the geometry of off-road vehicles that fall into the road and can reduce fatigue during long journeys, such as travel.

why cyclocross

For those who don’t compete, the cyclocross is a flexible bike because it can be used for urban cycling and cross-country touring.

Cyclocross bike is the mainstream disc braking. Disc brakes are also attractive because they have high braking power and are less affected by weather such as rain.

Many Cyclocross bikes use a double-chain set at the front, but use lower gears, such as 46-36, to accommodate off-road.

In recent years, the front single model without front chain shifter and second sprocket teeth has become a trend. In addition to reducing weight, you can also eliminate chain failures caused by shifting gears.

The Cyclocross bike is pain-free on the shoulder and prevents dirt from fouling the cable due to dirt and other foreign material.

In cross-country RACES, tires of up to 700x33C can be used, so the frame is also designed according to this standard. This means you have a wider choice which change the tires. That can be used on any roads, or used for cruising on unpaved paths.


Read here, maybe Cyclocross are good! For those who think let us know the main points of choice.

It is the same as a road bike, if you want a high-spec frame and parts, the price will not drop. Without a budget, no one can buy a high-end machine.

We recommend entry-level machines that strike a good balance between price and performance.

Carbon is the mainstream of cycling, but aluminium is the main material at a reasonable price. Aluminum is the material that strikes a good balance between strength, durability and cost.

Similar to road bikes and mountain bikes, you can find Cyclocross bikes priced at around 600 dollars from various manufacturers.


If you buy a Cyclocross bike, be sure to participate in the event. Autumn to winter is the season of Cyclocross racing.

Enjoy your bike life.

You can start training in spring and participate in activities, you can also participate in activities at will, even beginners can participate in autumn and winter off-road cycling activities.

Even if you buy the first bike for city riding or commuting, you usually want a second one.

And get the first high-spec full carbon fiber bike, you are still want the 2nd as a spare bike.

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